Compete against other players and earn additional Tokens at the end of each season. Also, you can participate in tournaments to win other prizes.

Challenge other players by betting your best NFTs. The winner gets everything.

$WOS staking, farming incentives & marketplace. Unified play2earn ecosystem within the end-to-end Crypto-game Platform Elixir.


Soul harvesting

Collect the souls of fallen enemies to use in combat.

Mixed battle-royale mode

Survive, equip yourself for battle and defeat other players as darkness consumes the world and condemns you to fight in an epic final battle.


Make a perfect counterattack and execute your opponents on the spot.

Character Creator

Customize your hero by choosing between the different playable races and classes. The character will develop new skills and will acquire special items by progressing through the game.


There are 3 specific skill branches for each class and a unique racial skill. These will improve as the combat progresses.


The arsenal contains various types of weapons classified by rarity. The different attributes of these will give us, or not, an advantage during the game.


Weapon or character loot chests will provide new upgrades (stats) based on their rarity.


David Cobos

Founder, CEO & Game Designer

Rubén Fuentes

Co-founder & 3D Artist

Jose Manuel Lozano

Community Manager

Sergio González


Miguel Pino 

2D Artist

Iván Suchanek

3D Generalist




Game at Alpha Stage

The game is ready to battle at Alpha, PvE and PvP. Are you?

Social & Website

We’ve setup the channels to interact with our community.

Tokenomics & Whitepaper

A model designed to offer you different ways to enjoy and earn.



Initial investors at seed and private round show get engaged with Whisper Of Soul.

Dapp Launch

All tools to give you access to fully operational P2E mechanics. Staking at your fingertips.


Public IDO

Time to allow broader public engagement with Whisper Of Soul. Be fast or you’ll miss it!

Game launch

And here we go, let’s play and earn! Survive the corruption of Lendoren, the battle awaits you!

List token in DEX + CEX

Best options to purchase $WOS or bring your rewards out of the game will be made available to you.

NFT upgrades

Your NFTs will at this point be eager to grow in power, lethality and worth. Give them a chance!

Season Pass

Discover new skins, levels and challenges to keep on enjoying as your progress in-game.


Metaverse Launch

A parallel economy to the real one, being able to trade NFTs or other Cryptocurrencies. Even other cryptocurrencies can be transferred to $ WOS

Guild Scholarships

Community Leagues, scholarships and a lot more content to expand the joy and increase our community.

Esport Tournament

Team championship with special events and juicy prizes will consolidate first Whisper Of Soul champions.

Fusion Upgrades

Allow breeding-based mechanics to weapons with evolution stages to allow the generation of new weapons.


Whisper of Soul is a free play2earn multiplayer battle royale video game that mixes a souls-like genre with Dungeons & Dragons on top of a bitcoin rewarding economy with NFTs, developed by Sun Reborn Entertainment.

It stands out for having PVE and PVP modes in the same environment, where all players can fight each other and, at the same time, against a common enemy.

In addition, it will include the well-known Metaverse that will connect all players in this game experience.

Within this metaverse, tools can be created so that players can use their NFT rewards in other games that support this technology.

There are two utility tokens present in Whisper of Soul: $WOS is the main use token, while $SOUL is an internal token of the game. the $WOS will be used to buy NFT tokens of the game. $SOUL is also used to purchase in-game items and receive rewards for playing.

Our theme is based on the Dungeons & Dragons universe, a fantasy world full of magical and epic elements. We are just starting to design this parallel universe, stay on our community channel for more details!

Yes! All smart contracts have been audited by Armors Labs. You can read our security audit report available in our open source repository on GitHub.

We are Sun Reborn Entertainment. We started developing Whisper of Soul in early 2017 with an idea based on medieval multiplayer fighting. Since then, we have been changing and adding new concepts and mechanics, gaining experience. In the first quarter of 2019, dissatisfied with the gameplay, we decided to be reborn with new bases. Thanks to this turning point, Whisper of Soul's battle-royale mode was born.

We have been adapting to the times, incorporating the latest technologies such as blockchain, own tokens or cryptos, taking the gaming experience to a higher level thanks to the play2earn system.

We have recently partnered with Satoshis games, a big step to make Whisper Of Soul come true and playable by anyone from anywhere in the world.

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